David Bowie Understood the Vital Import of…

He Wasn’t Posing - He Was Thinking David Bowie passed away on Sunday. To say he was an innovative guy - would be the largest of understatements. He created, imbued and embodied multiple music personas - reinventing himself over and over again. He parlayed his multiplicative rock music success into fashion icon status - and numerous Hollywood and Broadway gigs. All of which barely touches on his inventive approach to the business of being David Bowie. He was an avant-garde entrepreneur - who saw around the curve of the Earth just a little bit further than most people. He created out of whole cloth ways to make being David Bowie even more highly lucrative - and allow others to share in the earnings. And he intuitively understood how technological advances would help - and hurt - the business model of music and all things intellectual property. Did you want to invest in…all things David Bowie music? Bowie made that not only possible - but profitable. And in the process

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