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The EPA is Turning Water on Farms Into a Weapon Against Farmers

Think Three Unelected Bureaucrats Should Raise Taxes Whenever They Want?

Government Pummels Farmers Into Oblivion - Then Subsidizes the Wreckage

Confiscation Without Representation: Government Seizes First, Asks Questions Never

Three New Ways Government Threatens to Tax the Internet - As Soon As Thursday

Politico Gets the Lede Way Wrong - and The Hill Buries It

Australia Embraces the Less Government-Free Trade Model - We Should Too

The Government Assaults the ‘Big Dogs’ - To Advantage the Biggest Dog of Them All

From a Terrible President Obama Asia Trip – Some Actual Good News

VIDEO: Like Gruber's ObamaCare, the Net Neutrality They're Selling Isn't the One They'll Foist Upon Us

Video: Obama’s Internet Takeover Just One Of Many Possible Huge New Lame Duck Web Taxes

Election Lesson Not Learned: Lame Duck Democrats Rush to Tax the Web

Internet Reclassification: President Obama Tosses Another Grenade After Second Election Shellacking

Democrats Also Aided, Abetted and Protected Obama’s Illegal Power Grabs

You Want More Affordable, Accessible Food for the Planet? You Want Less Government

Congressional Dems Begging Obama Admin to by Fiat Do Their Jobs

Crony Socialists Looking to Ban Online Gambling Don’t Seem to Realize it’s a WORLD WIDE Web

If You Like How the Government is Handling Ebola…

People Like to Keep Their Money - and Other Breaking News for Leftists

Reclassification Net Neutrality Could Be a 16.1% Internet Tax - And Many Other New Web Tax Attempts

'If You Like Your Internet, You Can Keep Your Internet' and Other Government Lies

Hong Kong v China – Less Government Is So Obviously Better

Tech Tycoon Jeff Bezos Owns the Washington Post - Why Is Their Tech Reporting So Terrible?

FCC Chairman Won’t Allow his IG to Hire Any Criminal Investigators

‘Local Choice’ — Let’s Roll Back Some Crony Socialism, Shall We?

Less Domestic Government Equals More International Trade

‘Most Transparent Ever?’ Behold the FCC’s Secret, Crony Socialist Meetings

How is Allowing Customers to Not Pay for What They Don’t Want a Bad Thing?

These People Think The Way To Keep Things Fast Is To Bring In The Government?

VIDEO: When Bureaucrats Determine Their Own Limits - There Are No Limits

Warren Buffett Knows Less Government Means More Economic Activity

VIDEO: Obama Administration is Uber-Regulation, Inc. – And It’s Killing the Economy

The 20th Was the Failed Welfare State Century - The 21st Must Be About Less Government

The New York Times Has Zero Idea How the Internet Works - Or Is Lying Its Masthead Off

Aesop Knew: Regulators Regulate - It’s Their Nature

You Want More Jobs - and Freer and Fairer Global Trade? You Want Less Government

Obama Administration Doing Everyone’s Job – But Theirs

Harry Reid Remains Obstinately, Perversely Insistent on Taxing the Internet

To Protect (and Create) American Jobs, We Need Less Government

Government Commission That Wants to Commandeer Control of the Internet Just Had Their Website Crash - Twice

The Vicious Cycle: Government Warps Markets Until Government Stops Warping Markets

Twenty 9-0 Supreme Court Rulings Against – Obama Prepares Even More Power Grabs

Obama Administration Wants to Party on the Internet Like It’s 1934

Video: The FCC’s Plan To Steamroll State Laws Against Government Broadband

The Left is Aghast and Angry – WikiLeaks Leaks a…Deregulatory Trade Deal

Uber-Left Free Press’ 'Net Neutrality’ Isn’t What Most Supporters Think It Is

HBO Pseudo-News Anchor John Oliver Gets Net Neutrality Fundamentally Wrong

What’s Even Worse than Net Neutrality? Government Internet Reclassification to Do It

Obama Administration Rules Mexico is Undermining, Circumventing Free Trade Deal

The Left’s Latest Lie: A Huge New Government Power Grab = ‘Keeping Things the Same’

What's Even Worse than Net Neutrality? Government Internet Reclassification to Do It

How is Prohibiting Consumers from Getting Free Stuff Pro-Consumer?

Let’s Not Put the People in Charge of the Veterans Administration in Charge of the Internet

The Bigger the Government - the Worse the Economy

The Media’s One-Side-Fits-All Approach to Net Neutrality

Media Marxists Persuading the Government to Execute its Hugest Internet Power Grab Yet

Rushing to Regulate: Democrat Rosenworcel is Right – So She Should Vote ‘No’ on Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality III Is Huge Government Heinous

The Impediment to Better Farm Policy? The Farm Lobbies – Here, and in Places Like Japan

A Key Ingredient in the Left’s Wins: Persistence

It’s Groundhog Day - Again: Government Taking Third Stab at Net Neutrality Power Grab

VIDEO: The Government is a Horrendous Private Sector Prognosticator

The Government Giving the Left What They Want: More Terrible Policy

This #TaxDay, Let’s Also Look to Rid Ourselves of Global Anti-Free Trade Tariffs

#TaxDay: What Governments Absolutely Do Not Need - More of Our Money

When Governments Attack the Private Sector

Crony Socialism: Let’s Not (Yet Again) Emulate Europe