Sitemap - 2021 - The Latest from Seton Motley

When Even the WTO Is Brighter Than Our Domestic 'America Last' Proponents

We Need Biden's Patent Office - to Not Act Like It's Biden's Patent Office

Build Back Never: Let's Carbon Tax Them - Not US

Big Government-Championing Leftists Are Big Business' Best Friends

456 Federal Agencies? The Eternal Push for Ever-Expanding, Redundant Over-Government

Decades of Our Corrupt System Has Created Today's Gambling Culture

China's Subsidies Are Destroying America

The WTO Needs to Modernize on the Right Things - and Reject the Wrong Things

This Time, the Left Is Right: Let's Be More Like Europe

'Zombie Votes': Leftist Un-Elected Bureaucrats Voting AFTER They’ve Left Their Gigs

Would DC Republicans Please Stop Voting for DC Democrats' Socialism?

Exit Leahy: One of the Worst Men for the US in US History

Beating Dead Horses: Forget 'Build Back Better' and Get Bipartisan Already

Deadly Serious: We Must Re-Insource Invention Back from Communist China

Post-Election 'Reconciliation': This Hard-Left Bill Should Suffer McAuliffe's Fate

We’re About to Pay Billions More Per Year for Big Tech's Latest Government Cronyism

Barack Obama Administration 2.0: Biden's Awful FCC Nominees

'Greenwash': The US Is the Only Country Actually Engaged in Economic Suicide

Interior Department Occupation: DC Yet Again Ignores Yet Another Leftist, Riotous Insurrection

Amazon's Communist China Impersonation: Industrial Intellectual Property Theft

Corporate Tax Cronyism: Small Business Pays - Big Business (Esp. Big Tech) Doesn't

Why Don't Republicans Know DC and Democrats Are Lying About Internet Access?

CFPB Is Unconstitutional – Can We At Least Have Congress Provide Some Oversight?

The Latest Round of Global Climate Lie 'Pledges' from International Polluters

Supply Chain: We're Running Out of Food - Thanks to Biden

Thanks, Senator Cornyn: Even More Bipartisan Idiocy from Our Friends in DC

The US Sell-Out Continues: Big Tech's Latest Capitulations to Communist China

China's Slave Labor, Coal-Fired, Mass-Subsidized Solar Panels Dominate the Planet

Fake ‘Infrastructure’ Week: We Really Need to Beat China to 5G Wireless

Trump Trade Principles to Mitigate the Climate Alarmists and Their Many Taxes

China Begins to Realize Cronyism and Big Tech Do Way More Harm Than Good

There’s a Government Hall of Fame – But Government Is AWFUL at Everything

Democrats' 'Climate Change' Is Fake - But Their Taxes Are Real

Biden’s Ninth Circuit Nominee - Was Just Unanimously Overturned by the Ninth Circuit

Government Corrupts Everything - And Drives Everyone Non-Rich Out of the System

Biden’s Sell-Out to Radical Leftism Will Replicate the 2008 Housing Crisis

Big Tech: Not All Business Is Good Business

Reverse Globalism: We Must Re-In-Source and Rethink Everything

Everyone’s Favorite Four-Letter Word

Biden Remorse and Trump Regret - Here and Around the World

Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Fiasco Threatens DC’s Domestic Expansion Agenda

North Carolina Federal Judge Cites 'Disinformation' to Ratify State Censorship

Another Big Tech Crony Free Ride That Needs to End

DC Is Ensuring Only Billionaires Can Get a Loan - In the Name of 'Helping the Little Guy'

Afghanistan and Big Tech: We Keep Ignoring the Blatantly Obvious

China Knows: Big Tech Hires Very Few People

Washington Post Op-Ed Miserably Fails Business 101

Partier-in-Chief Barack Obama Is the Poster Child for DC Crony Corruption

OH-15: Trump's Guy Wins. Soros and Steyer's Guys Come in Fourth - and DNF

There’s So Much DC Cronyism - The Private Sector Wants It Against Government

Both 'Infrastructure' Bills Are Atrocious. Republicans Voting 'Yay' Should Be Embarrassed

Republicans Continue Their Rush to Return to 'America Last' Trade Ideas

Do You Get the Feeling This Guy’s Running for Congress to Cash In?

DC: The Home of Ridiculous Hearings and Terrible Ideas

We're Left to Clean Up the Supreme Court's Messes

Big Media’s Mass Focus on the Wrong Half of a DC Lobby Fight

Using the Lockdown to Destroy the Entire Private Housing Economy

DoD 5G: Want to Lose to China in Something? Have Government Do It

Defense IG to Congress: Take Your Amazon Cronyism Oversight and Shove It

DC's Definition of 'Patent Quality': 'How Much Easier Can We Make It to Steal Patents?'

The Only Definite Winner in Biden’s 'Competition' Executive Order? Anti-Competitive Big Tech

Outed George Soros-Tom Steyer 'Conservative' Complains to…The Daily Beast?

Observations culled from our ongoing, rolling decline.

Biden and His Democrats REALLY Don't Like US Farmers

Redundancy and Waste - Thy Name Is Government

Hunter Biden’s Choo Choo Shouldn't Be Lobbying Its Government Paymasters

Evictions: Another Awful Supreme Court Ruling - And an Awful Organization Making It All Worse

The Supreme Court Almost Rules Wisely. Almost

Government 'Digital Divide' Lies: They Don’t Even Count Your Smart Phone as an Internet Connection

The US Should Take Note of Vietnam’s 'Vietnam First' Trade Policy

Federal 'Infrastructure'? State-Local Government and Crony Bail Outs and Slush Funds

One Down - But There’s Another George Soros-Tom Steyer Republican in Ohio 15

Biden’s ‘Build Back Never’ Plan: UAE Shows US How to Add Jobs - Not Kill Them

Trump's Top Ten 'We Were Right' List: Big Tech Is AWFUL at Identifying 'Fake News'

The Federal Government Is Still Trying to Get Into the 5G Wireless Business

The Soros-Steyer Stain Remains in Ohio 15's Congressional Republican Primary

Biden’s ‘Made in America’ Tax Plan - Destroys Any Incentive for Anything to Be ‘Made in America’

Virus Lockdowns: Speeds Up - Prices Down. Government Should Leave the Internet Alone

Eisenhower Also Predicted Fake Science, Virus Lockdowns, Big Tech and Leftist Colleges

Biden Gets a Chance to Redeem Himself in Ukraine

Biden’s Vaccine Heists Are Also a Fifth Amendment Takings Clause Violation

George Soros, Tom Steyer and Their Fellow Radicals Invade a House Republican Primary

Biden’s International Trade Big Tech Cronyism Is Ridiculously Small Ball

Hyper-Partisan NY AG Demonstrates the Stupidity of Bureaucracy Comment Periods

World Trade Organization Is Allowing Trade Cheats to Hide Their Cheating for Many Years

China Makes Itself More Attractive for IP Creation - The US Makes Itself Much Less So

Government Mandating Prices Is Just as Stupid When States and Localities Do It

Government Is Lying About What Broadband Is and What We Need from It

Deep State Crony Heinousness and China: Crypto-Currency Edition

Judicial Activism: The Supreme Court Seems to Already Be Leftist-Packed

Biden Will ‘Lower’ Internet Prices - The Way Obama-Biden ‘Lowered’ Health Insurance Prices

Anti-Equity: If They’re Cheating - It Matters Not How Well You Do Things

Actual Modern Infrastructure Problem: A Lack of Domestic Semiconductor Production

Biden, Inc Cronyism: Biden Nominates Senator Manchin’s Wife for Government Gig

The Supreme Court Screws Up Yet Again - And Screws Us for Generations

What Do Corruption, China, Soros, Clinton, Schumer and the SPLC Make? NOT a Republican

Biden, Inc's 'Infrastructure': 'White House Moves to Reshape Role of US Capitalism'

Crypto Currency and NFTs: The Market Yet Again Says Digital Property Is Property

Of COURSE More for Government Means Less for Us

Trump's Vaccines: The World Yet Again Demands the Evil US Bail Them Out

Earth Proves: Of COURSE More Regulation Means Less Private Investment

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts Has Been…Highly Disconcerting

The Swamp's Warped Dictionary

Essential Republicans and Conservatives: This Isn’t an Ideological Debate - This Is a Political War

Military Officers Know Defending Our Nation Requires Real Energy - Not Fake ‘Green Energy’

The ‘Covid Bill’: Government Deficit Spending Is Worse Than Private Sector Investment

Americans Who Create Things Seem VERY Worried About Biden, Inc

The Minimum Wage - And Other Examples of Government Breaking the Laws of Economics

Biden, Inc Hires Massive Madison Avenue PR to Spin Us on the Awful They’re Doing to Us

The US Has Institutionalized Big Tech’s Intellectual Property Theft

Governments Everywhere Need to Stop Treating Internet Providers Like ATMs and Punching Bags

Intellectual Property Law Trumps Antitrust Law – Per the Constitution

GameStop: All the Bigs Will Do Anything to Stay Big - and Screw We the Littles

Term Limits Actually Make Things Worse – Here’s What to Do

Biden’s ‘Buy American?’ He’s Making It Impossible for Anything to Be Made in America

Biden’s America Last, Power-Grabbing Executive Action Blitzkrieg Will Only Get Worse

Big Tech and Big Data vs Private Property

Leftists: ‘TV Providers - Be Non-Neutral.’ Also Leftists: ‘Internet Providers - Be Neutral’

DC Rushes to Restore Globalist Fake 'Free Trade' - To the Great Detriment of We the People

Apple and Google Control 99+% of the US Smart Phone Market

The New Cronyism: Big Tech Censors Conservatives - Democrats Deliver Crony Policies

We Desperately Need SOME Institution to Execute as Constitutionally Designed

Biden Set to Eviscerate US Farmers with Cabinet Picks and Their Policies

China Expects Billion-Dollar-Bought-Off Biden Will Restore Pre-Trump US Capitulation

Great News: Biden, Inc Looks to Massively Ramp Up Regulations