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Merry Christmas, All

Here’s Warren Buffett Doing His George Soros Impersonation

Enviro-Mental: We Own Fifty Private Jets - But We Really Hate You Oil and Gas People

Fox News: We Need Any and All the Friends We Can Get

Guessing SCOTUS: Do Rulings Depend on What Roberts Has for Breakfast Each Day?

House's Lame Duck 'No Surprises Act' Is Overflowing With Really Awful Surprises

The Zeitgeist Is Already Lyingly Crediting Biden with Trump’s Successful Everything

NY Times Blows It Yet Again: Want Vaccines At All? Protect Intellectual Property Rights

One Thing That Astoundingly Got Twice as Good During the Titanically Stupid Government Lockdowns?

Google’s Biggest US Employee Tally Is Probably Its Lawyers

Government Disproportionately Harms Poorer Americans More

Past Is Prologue: Obama-Biden Was Owned and Operated by Big Tech, So…

Lockdowns: What’s Performed Better? Government - Or Internet?

Biden and Musk Owe China Billions. They Shouldn't Be Working for Government

Lower Wage Americans LOVE Fair Trade and Rigid Immigration Enforcement

Secret, Anti-Constitutional Wars? The Deep State Defense Department Is Out of Control

Joe Rogan Knows Profiting Off Theft from Creators is Wrong

Biden’s ‘Unity’ - Unites Leftists and Government Bureaucrats Against US

Election 2020: You Can Never Have Too Many Constitutionalist Judges and Justices

Election 2020: All-In Leftism Must Become Extinct - Or We Will

USPTO: One Deep State Swamp Backwater That Is Getting Drained

DCs Swamp Creatures Want Biden to Restore Crony, Corrupt, Anti-America ‘Normalcy’

Supreme Court Justices Are Supposed to Be Justices - Not Fortune Tellers

Where’s Hunter Biden? And Remember How Big Tech Says Comcast Will Censor the Internet?

Government 5G? The Deep State Military-Industrial-Complex Looks to Expand Its ‘Unwarranted Influence’

Here’s Hoping Wednesday Begins a Supreme Court Reckoning for Monster Thief Google

Leftism Means Awfulness. More Leftism? More Awfulness. Most Awfulness? See: CaliforniaLeftism Means Awfulness. More Leftism? More Awfulness. Most Awfulness? See: California

DC Globalists Are Already Trying to Reverse Trump’s Massively Successful Trade Policies

The Head of the FTC Is Yet Another Tyrannical Deep State Swamp Creature

We the Reasonable Are Outnumbered - And Massively Outgunned

The Email Where Google Admits They Stole the Intellectual Property to Build Android

Is Trump on Thursday Announcing Another Awful Health Care Executive Order?

Will (Rural-Farm) Voters Remember the Pre-China Virus Donald Trump Economy?

Democrat China Virus Overreach Is Launching the Next American Mass Migration

Hey Congress: When Something Awful You Did Is Sunsetting - Let It

5G - and 10G. Symbiotic Wireless and Wired Internet - And Their Government-Free Miracles

Yet Another Deep State Swamp Creature Committing Crony Insurrection

Is the Ninth Circuit Court More Conservative and Constitutional Than the Supreme Court?

Trillion Dollar Big Tech Companies Will Use China Virus Scam to Take Over America

Government’s Myopic Price Setting Never, Ever Works

Trump Administration Cleans Up Cronyism. Cronies Sue Trump Administration

Leftists Are Stupid and They Lie. It’s Their Jam

Perhaps Elon Musk Shouldn't Have Borrowed $1.6 Billion from Communist China....

US Trade Rep Lighthizer Destroys the 'Trump is Anti-Free Trade and Anti-WTO' Lie

Yet Another Anti-Constitution California Law Could Again Test the New Ninth Circuit Court

It’s Always Amusing to Watch Criminals Attempt to Defend Their Criminality

Ninth Circus Court No More? Trump-McConnell’s Judges Have Made Huge Differences Everywhere

When a Ninth Circuit Court Panel Unanimously Says You’ve Gone Too Far Left….

Google: ‘Hey Justices, Let Us Steal…Hey, Someone Stop That Guy - He Stole Our Stuff’

Shutdowns Yet Again Demonstrate: Our Internet Works - and States' Big Government Doesn’t

Biden’s ‘Build Back Never’: His Endless Government Assaults Will Make Building America Impossible

Failed Government Schools - Find Yet Another Fake Scapegoat to Blame

DC Yet Again Hiding Terrible and Unpopular Ideas - In Terrible and Less Unpopular Ideas

Google: ‘If You Don’t Let Us Steal - People Will Stop Making Things for Us to Steal’

Government: When You’re a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

The Government Shouldn’t Be an Umpire - And a Pitcher for the Other Team

Most Annoying: When Thieves Pretend They’re Stealing to Help You

Biden’s Addled Brain: Communists Will Be Running the Looming Administration

Where Are the Defenders of Sanity? Against Savagery?

The Left’s Anti-Reality - To Which We All Must Submit

Versus China: Some Technologies Are Commercial Interests - and National Security Imperatives

Our Do Nothing Congress - Means Do-Too-Much California Is Making National Law

Is the Dominican Republic About to Elect Itself a Narco-State?

Defend Private Property - or Get Mob Rule

A Month in the Life of Globalists’ Fake ‘Free’ Trade

Want Cheaper Internet? Big Tech Should Pay Their Fair Share

Unfortunately, We Can’t Decouple from Communist China by Friday

China Virus Shutdown Re-Proves: More Government Means Less Private Sector Competition

Google Should Google What ‘Fair Use’ Actually Means

Even More Foreign Interference in Our China Virus Fight

Big Tech or ISPs: Who Collects and Monetizes Your Online Data (Much) More?

Moderate Democrats and ‘Patent Trolls’: Two Things That Don’t Actually Exist

The Censoring Left: ‘Net Neutrality’ for Thee - Not for Me

‘Protesters’ and High Tech Thieves: The Media Always Side with the Looters

WTO Leader Job Opening: An Opportunity to Make Real Global Trade Improvements

Trump’s Big Tech Order: The First Step Towards Less Big Government Cronyism

Imagine Car Thieves Continuing to Drive the Cars They Stole - While Being Prosecuted for Car Theft

Government Is Awful at Insurance - and Certainly Shouldn’t Be Rewriting Policies

China Virus Proves: The ‘New Normal’ - Should Be MUCH Less Government

Behold: An Avalanche of Headlines Chronicling Google’s Systemic Theft

China Virus Bailout Coin - Shouldn’t Go to Chinese Companies

China Virus Lockdown and Big Tech Censorship: Stop Treating Us Like Children

Elon Musk’s ‘Freedom from Government' Battle Cry - Is Total Hypocrisy

A Tech Solution to a Communist China 5G Monopoly Problem

Marketing Is Important - for Bad Politicians, Bad Virus Policy and Good Legislation

China Virus Bigger Government Should NOT Be Made Permanent

Google Yet Again Mischaracterizes Intellectual Property - to Justify Stealing It

Communist China, ‘New Normal’ and ‘Managed Decline’: Let’s Stop Relying on Anyone but US

The Left: When You Can’t Win - Blame and Break the System

Dumber Than the Shutdown? The Left Demanding Treatment Makers Not Make Money

Even Michael Moore Now Knows: 'Green Energy' - Is Neither Green Nor Energy

The Feds Use 60-Year-Old Computer Code - And Leftists Want Them to Run the Internet

Google’s Thieving Collaborations with Communist China and Apple - Don't Speak Well for Google

China Virus: The Left Never Allows the Truth to Get in the Way of a Good Beating

Practice Good Corporate Governance - Or Get Bad Government Governance

China Virus: We Need Our Rights Protected from Big Government and Big Tech

Google’s Business Model - Is Theft

America First v China Virus Globalism: We Must Foster Domestic Food Manufacturers

The Internet: The Left Wants to Grow Government - Not the Economy

China Virus Shut Down - Makes 5G Wireless Internet Even More Important

China Virus Breaks Europe’s Internet - Not the US’s. Why? Uber-Regs Like Net Neutrality

Google Tries to Get the Supreme Court to Pretend to be Congress and Write Them Fake 'Law'

China Virus Lockdown Proves US Internet is Better, Stronger and Faster Than Europe’s

Congress Is Again Trying to Hide Socialist Medical Price Fixing in a China Virus Bill

'Crisis!!!': Congress Should Practice #SocialDistancing from Socialist Medicine

Shocker: Obama Yet Again Abused Authority He Didn’t Have - To Yet Again Punish an Enemy

Capitalism and Its Intellectual Property: No Coronavirus Solution Without It

Coronavirus: Nation’s Internet Providers Have Made #SelfDistancing Telework a Piece of Cake

Less Government ≠ Saying Nothing About Global Christian Slaughter

Environmentalists Don’t Want a Clean Economy - They Want a Communist Economy

Google Stole Android and Probably Made a Trillion - They Should Pay Oracle Nine Billion

Trump’s Brazil Trade Deal: Let’s Kill Their Massive Subsidies, Shall We?

Karl Marx and Groucho Marx: The Left’s Perpetual Parallel Universe

‘Disparate Impact’ Is Really Awful - and Makes Really Awful Government Policy

Google’s Shameless, Preening, Anti-Privacy, Self-Monopoly-Making Third-Party Cookies Ban

One Lone Bureaucrat Has Been Helping Communist China Dictate Global 5G Terms

Chevron: The Supreme Court Created the Swamp - And Now Must Help Drain It

Dear Supreme Court: Google Is the Biggest Thief This Side of Communist China

Hey Bernie: Less Government = MUCH More Money for Everyone - Including Government

May We Please Finally End All the Fake Obama Labor Department Discrimination Lawsuits?

Four Horrible Supreme Court Rulings: Egregious Examples of Awful Judicial Activism

Google Again Learns It Ain’t Easy Being an Internet Service Provider

Judicial Restraint: The Courts Must Reverse Previous Rulings When They’re Anti-Constitution

Trump’s Measly 'Trade War' 2019: $24 Billion in Tariffs - and a $22 Trillion Economy

Big Tech Monitors and Pulls ‘Fake News’ - So They Don’t Need Section 230

Obama Holdover Gender Wage Gap Lawsuit: You Can’t Fix Fake Problems

Senator Tillis’ Titanic, Anti-Federalism, Cronyism-Induced Flip-Flop

Bipartisanship Opportunity: Undoing Obama Policy - Is Excellent Policy

US Government’s Role in the Internet: International Security, Domestic Spectrum

Two Years Ago Trump Video: ‘Foreign (Drug) Price Controls…Global Freeloading…Very Unfair’

Coronavirus with Lie: Very Bad Communist China - Requires Very Good US Policy

Oracle v Google: We Know We’re Right - Because the Media as One Says We’re Wrong

Obama Administration v Human Nature - Oops, I Mean Oracle

Injunctions: How Communist China Is Demonstrably Better Than US at IP Protection

A Christmas Gift from the Trump Administration: A 5G Wireless ‘Czar’

Thieving Big Tech Teams Up Against Routine Big Tech Outlier Oracle

US Farmers Know - DC Doesn’t: Trump Remains Farmers’ Best Friend

Leftists Do Federalism Terribly - To Then Do Policy Terribly

Iran Deal and Beyond: We're STILL Stuck Cleaning Up Very Stupid Obama Messes

Intellectual Property Protection Singularly Delivers the End of Poverty

For the Left, Success Isn’t Success. Government Expansion Is Success