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How Much a Month Are You Willing to Pay to Subsidize Netflix and Google?

Just Because It’s Easier to Steal - Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Stealing

Taxed Enough Already: Governments Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Bleed Our Internet Service

Free Trade is Outstanding – But Not All Trade Items Are Created Equal

FCC: ’We Are Going to Be Sued.’ Don’t Execute HUGE Power Grabs - and You Won’t

Why Are So Many on the Right Helping the Left Undermine Our Patent System?

Why Does Government Not Know - or Ignore - History?

Talking Turkey: National Security - and Growing Our Own Food

The Private Sector Solves Problems - Government Exacerbates and Creates Them

Government Choosing Businesses for Preference or Punishment is Always Wrong

Facebook Should Reverse Its Support of Government’s Net Neutrality Fantasy

Cronyism: For the Likes of Google, It is Really, REALLY Good to be a Friend of Obama

Hey Wall Street Journal: Open Borders-Amnesty is the Hugest Cronyism of All

While We’re Lost in The ‘Patent Troll’ Freakout, ‘Reformers’ Will Eviscerate Private Property Rights

Hillary Clinton Misunderstands (Misrepresents?) How Government Pummels the Economy

Why Does the Media Hate (Poor) People Having Cheap Food?

When Government Tries to Equalize Free Speech - We End Up With Zero Speech

HRC and the Left Loathe Businesses - Why Are Republicans Helping Undermine Them?

ObamaCare Co-Ops’ Fail: Government Has No Business Being in Business

Christopher Columbus’ Objective: FREE Trade Routes

As Rush Limbaugh Routinely Demonstrates: The Media’s Lockstep Leftist Talking Points

Mark Cuban: When He Isn’t Denouncing ‘Patent Trolls’ - He Is One

Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich Are Confused by Economics. And Government. And Reality

Congress Should Impeach EPA Head Gina McCarthy - And Then a Whole Bunch of Other Bureaucrats

DC’s Latest Self-Inflicted ‘Crisis’ - We Run Out of Budget on October 1

Typical DC: Patent Lawsuit ‘Reform’ Will Lead to Many, MANY More Lawsuits

President Obama Further Widens the Chasm Between DC and America

Trump Shouldn’t Blame Oreos - It’s Governments’ and Unions’ Fault

Google - the Funding Father of Net Neutrality - Now Plotting to Violate Net Neutrality

Beware D.C. ‘Comprehensive’ ‘Reform’

The EPA Assaults the Private Sector - and the Environment

Assault by Government: Draining the Capital Pool

How Google Can Rig Everything in Washington, D.C. - and All Around the World

Dirty Harry Knows: The EPA’s Got to Know Its Limitations

We Don’t Need ‘Great’ Leaders - We Need Constitutional Ones

Why Conservatives Object to Leftist Patent ‘Reform’

Status Quo Government Meddling and Cronyism Is…Progress?

The Private Sector Giveth - and Government Taketh Away

Government Slowly Kills the Private Sector - And Blames the Victim for Its Sputtering Demise

The Donald Trump Rule: ‘Flip-Flopping’ to the Right Position Can Be a Very Good Thing

Chris Farley Government: Remember When It Was Congress That Made Law? That Was Awesome

Bad Bills Are Like Bad Relationships: We Don’t Need a Break - We Need a Break-Up

Why Are Republicans Resurrecting Failed Green Energy Subsidies?

Yet Again, the Left is Caught Fraudulently Faking Support for its Ridiculous Policies

Really Terrible Ideas Do In Fact Generate Bipartisanship. See: Obama, President Barack

A Congresswoman Demands Peace, Love and Big Brother Internet, Man

Democrats Want Big Government Crony Socialism - Why Are Some Republicans Giving It to Them?

Government Crushes People - Then Writes Them Checks

Words Used to Mean Things - Then Came Government

Happy Independence Day, All

A Bad Bill + Crony Socialism = An Even Worse Bill

Aren’t We Yet Tired of the Feds Being Totally Wrong - Or Lying to Us?

Soviet Union 2.0 - The Environmental Protection Agency

After the Power Grabs: Gov Doesn't Care What Happens to Us - It’s On to the Next Grabs

With Just About All Things Government, Less is More - and Better

Net Neutrality Hits - The Media Misses, Badly

Crony Socialism: Governments All Over the World Are Messing Up a Free Trade Market

‘Trust Us - We’re the Government’ Isn’t the Best Justification for These Huge New Power Grabs

Free Trade? Yes. Anti-Constitution, Anti-Transparency TPA/TPP? Definitely No

Goldilocks and the Four Bills - In Washington D.C., In Search of 'Just Right'

Free Trade: Less Government Everywhere Means Cheaper Stuff Here (and Everywhere)

The Feds Want to ‘Reform’ Fraud-Riddled ObamaPhone - By Expanding It to the Internet

Yet Another Terrible Idea: States Consider Combining Their Failed ObamaCare Exchanges

Rather Than Make a Bad Bill Look More Like a Good Bill - Just Pass the Good Bill

Will Congress Finally Defend Its Constitutional Turf - to Stop the EPA’s Assault on Water?

The Amtrak Crash: When Government is Ideological Instead of Lawful and Logical

ObamaCare Is Rapidly Imploding - Will the Republican Congress Finally Do Something About It?

Worse Than Government-Caused Uncertainty? Certainty the Government is Against You

Big Government Advocates Say They Want More Competition - Their ‘Solutions’ Result in Less

Latest Report on Global Free Trade Impediments Details the Ridiculousness

Government Tries to Micromanage a Market - And Yet Again Fails Miserably

Yet Again, Government Screws Up - And Tries to Blame the Private Sector

Google Tacitly Admits Stealing Is a Lousy Thing to Do

(At Least) Three Reasons Why Government Being in the Broadband Business is a Terrible Idea

The Death Tax, the Flat Tax - and Warren Buffett’s Fat Tax Breaks

Net Neutrality Is Just As Stupid Internationally As It Is Here

A Tale of Three Governors - Media Bias Edition

Constitutional Private Property Rights Trump Legislation Written to Appease Donors

Higher Costs, New Taxes - The Perpetual Lie: More Government = Less Expensive

Obama’s Objective: Nationalize California’s Government-Made Water Disaster

#RFRA - Big Government Means Big Losses of Freedom and Choices and Big Cronyism

Hillary Clinton’s Wiped Server: Democrats Love Truth and Transparency and Loathe Cronyism

Currently in Power - The Google Administration

Aren’t We All Looking Forward to ‘Internet at the Speed of Government?’

A New Approach - To Finally End an Old Farm Bill Problem

The FCC Delivers the Latest Dose of Obama Cronyism

Oregon’s ObamaCare is a Crony Socialist Nightmare Mess - Just Like DC’s

GOP: The Grade School Boy Trying Too Hard to Get the Silicon Valley Girl

NY Times Mangles Obama's Net Neutrality Power Grab

Obama’s EPA: Racing Against Time to Pummel the Private Sector

Obama’s Other Internet Power Grab - to Expand Policy That Fails 116 Percent of the Time

Barack Obama and Google - Crony Socialism on Steroids

Who ‘Wins’ With Obama’s Net Neutrality?

Videos: Guy Who Convinced Obama to Dramatically Ramp Up Internet Power Grab Is an Uber-Boob

‘Cap and Trade’ Is Alive and Well - Despite Having Never Passed Congress

The Incompetent, Abusive, Dishonest and Anti-Transparent Government is About to Power Grab the Internet

When The Media Report ‘Patent Trolls’ - Think ‘People Protecting Their Private Property’

VIDEO: What Obama’s Internet Power Grab Means for Free Markets and Free Speech

When Governments Start Meddling, They Simply Can Not Stop Themselves

Obama's Internet Power Grab Visual Aide Hates His Net Neutrality

Video: Why Net Neutrality Is a Terrible Idea

Worse Than Seattle’s Super Bowl Call? The Media’s Calls on Government Power Grabs

Crony Socialism: Candy Crush Edition

Three More Obama Admin Casualties: Congress, Federalism - and Humility

Obama’s Plan: Repeal the Private Sector - Replace with Government

In 2010, Seventy-Three House Dems Opposed Obama’s Internet Power Grab. Now? Not So Much

In D.C., ‘Bipartisanship’ Has Become a Bad Thing - When It Isn’t, We Should Seize the Opportunity

Three Unelected Democrat Bureaucrats Are About to Overrule and Override November’s Election