Sitemap - 2023 - The Latest from Seton Motley

Merry Christmas

“Mostly Peaceful” Civil War

The Houti Solution

The AI Loser - Is Us

Dumbness Abounds at Biden's FCC

When the Government Referee - Also Plays in the Game

Government Is Good at Nothing. Stop Having It Do Everything

Death Spiral: Gov's Inflation-Interest Rate Hike Whipsaw

Gov's Internet 'Digital Discrimination': Designed to End the Private Internet

The CFPB Is Still Unconstitutional. SCOTUS Should Finally Do Something About It

Big Tech Censors - ISPs Don't Get First Amendment Rights

'Too Big To Fail' Banks - Are About to Fail Again

IP Lies - and Theft: Cons from Con Men

Bad Hollywood - Worse Washington: Too Many Remakes and Sequels

The Real Robin Hood

Bidenomics: Big Banks Writing Off Most Bad Loans Since China Virus Lockdowns

Bored of Getting Bored….

China-Taiwan Is Next: Biden Won't Stop Ever-Expanding China

Today's Government Is the Enemy of the People

Everything About the CFPB Is Unconstitutional

FCC Net Neutrality Hasn't Gotten Any Less Illegal

Kroger-Albertsons and Jet Blue-Spirit: Mergers Biden, Inc Shouldn’t Block - But Is

Anti-Intellectual Property? The Socialists-Communists Are

DC and Bidenomics: 'Our Fake Solution Didn’t Work - So We’ll Do It Harder'

DC Doing Violence to the Economy - Via Violence to the Constitution

Hyper-Active Biden FTC-DOJ - Are Mostly MIA on Big Tech

Bought Off Biden - and Huawei: 'I Don’t Want to Contain China'

Bidenomics: Record Total Personal Savings to Record Total Personal Debt - In Four Years

'Mirror Politics': DC is the God-King of Junk Fees

Jimmy Buffet, Requiescat In Pace

Amazon: 127 Company Acquisitions - 0 FTC Blocks of Company Acquisitions

Energy, Global Currency, Innovation: Communist China - And the Post-US World

Phase Shift

Record $1+ Trillion Credit Card Debt: Bidenomics Is Great for Big Banks

DC Wasting 100s of Billions - On Already-100% Internet-Connected America

Trump’s ‘Legal Cloud?’

Mental Acuity Tests?!?

DC Hasn't Yet Spent a Penny for the CHIPS Act

Military-Industrial Complex Border Wall, Please?

Bidenomics: Reuters Pretends Big Banks No Longer Want to Make Money

Less Government = More and Faster Internet


A Big Tech Agency? Amend the Law - Don't Expand DC

Takings Clause: Make the Bureaucracies Pay for Ruining US

Yet More DC Self-Cronyism: Further Overfilling Over-Filled Reagan Airport

Poor People Home Mortgages Down 46% - Rich People Art Collection Mortgages Up 30%

When Even Wall Street Says Big Tech Is Too Uber-Dominant…

Failed State > Failing State

That Ain’t Lost

Hey Biden FTC: Not All Marketshare Consolidation Is Bad

You Can't Have Semiconductor Production - Without Patent Protection

Rewriting History

The Little Guy Can't Even Get a $200 Loan Anymore

No One Asked Biden's FCC Nominee This?

Great Mysteries of the 21st Century

$101 Million?!? The Ridiculous FTC Interference Minimum

Hubris: DC Even 'Fixes' Its Errors Wrong

'Hedge Funds, Big Banks, and BlackRock. These Guys Run the World'

111+ 'Independent' Agencies? 'Deadlocked' Bureaucracies Are Better

Musk v Zuckerberg

Nerf to a Gunfight

Forget It, Jake - It’s Washington

Biden Promised to Cure Cancer. His FTC Is Blocking Cancer Cure Progress

A DC Frankenstein Finally Realizes His Monster - Is a Monster

Joe Dirt-y

'Bring Out Your Dead' 'Bank Crisis': Fake News for Big Banks

The Left: Speaking Power to Truth

From the Banana Family….

Choose Wisely: House GOP's Joe Biden Oversight

Debt Ceiling, IRS,…: Gov Doesn’t Pay for Its Stupid - We Do

The United States: The Land of the Used-to-Be Free

Is Biden's New FCC Nominee as Radical as Biden's Old Nominee?

Government Price Fixing Is Just as Stupid in Europe

Bud Light, Miller Lite, Target - and Ford

Idiot Mobiles

FTC: Over-Crying 'Wolf!' - While Unleashing the Government Wolves

The West's War on Economic Activity: EU Edition

The Real Awards

'Too Big to Fail' - to 'We Only Need 3 or 4 Banks' - in 13 Years

Oversight Theatre

The Fed? DC's 'Independent Agency' Scam

FTC Took Biden's Stupid Shotgun Advice

Who Knew?

Stupidity: Gov Nigh Simultaneously Issuing and Revoking Licenses

Credit Cards - and Minimum Payments

Dear Government, …

‘The US Pays Its Bills’

Just a Thought…

…And a Welfare State


The Biden Sequel

DC Seizes First Republic Bank - Flips It to Crony JP Morgan

Biggest AI Problem (for Now): The People Designing It

The Difference

Modern Americans

Biden FTC Will Acquiesce to No 'Comment Period'

Dumb Policy, China, AI and Robots = Jobless America

The Actual Gun Problem

Debt Ceiling - and Interest Rate Hikes

Who Knew?

New Orwell Math

Big Media Finally Catches Up: Big Banks Only Lending to Rich People

Artificial Intelligence

'Deeply Flawed Broadband Map': Gov Is Awful at Everything


A Refund?

'Buyer Beware': Transactions Gov Should and Shouldn't Oversee

Big Biz Crushing The Little Guy - Is DC’s 'Reform'


Belize: I Guess I Unilaterally Seceded

Small Lenders Beg DC to Not Accelerate DC's Executing Them

Defense Dept Helps China – In the Name of National Security

Not Tropical - Not Paradise

Are Destructive Biden Judges Teeing Up Biden's Destructive FTC?

Shareholder Activism, Judicial Ridiculousness - and IP Destruction

Societal Suicide

Radical - Not Conservative


Fake Energy - Real President

Far Worse

Exit Sohn. See, GOP? You Can Block Awful Nominees

Biden Jig


Crime Waves, SVB, Elon Musk Attacks,… - Anarcho-Tyranny Incarnate

Zelensky’s Female Dogs

All for One - One Kills All

Big Tech, Big Bank & Bailouts: Leftists Now Love Big Brother & The Man

Covid, Climate Change - And The Globalists'™ Theft

Totally Healthy Economy

Consistency - Thy Name Is Taylor Swift

Alternate US Covid Travel Plans

Fed Rate Hikes: Full Scope of DC's Assault on Little Guy Borrowing

Biden Self-Solving

China's 25-Year-Low GDP Target Offers Opportunity for US Restoration

We Lost

True Wuhan

The Wrath of Khan: FTC Chair Loathes Our System - Impeach Her

I Have an Either-Or Solution to IP Theft

Quid Pro Joe

What, Me Govern?

Biden's FCC Is One Senate Vote Away from Being as Crazy as Biden's FTC

Occupy Hogan

Add Corruption, Crazy - and Stir

The FTC Is Hyperactive - And Attempting Time Travel

Isn’t It…?

DC's One-Sided, In-the-Tank 'Think Tank' Discussions

The Net Has WAY Outgrown Net Neutrality

Aunt Madonna - from Outer Space

Project Veritas' Pfizer Video Also Reveals the Pervasiveness of 'Regulatory Capture'

Speaker McCarthy Makes His Swamp-iest Move Thus Far


Left’s Information Dominance. And a DC Question No One Asks - But Everyone Should

Big Gov's 'Misinformation' - Lies - Also in the Service of Big Banks

CA GOP’s China Sell-Out: McCarthy Must Clean Up His and DC's IP Theft Messes

A GOP House Is Not a Green Light for a Hyper-Active Biden Bureaucracy

Dem Impersonation: Fifteen Speaker Votes? DC: Where Bad Ideas Never, Ever Die

Weak Men - Hard Times


Man Bites Dog: The EU Is Better Than US on the Border Carbon Tax

Inventing and Innovating Aren't So Easy, Eh Apple?