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Fake Energy - Real President

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Exit Sohn. See, GOP? You Can Block Awful Nominees

Biden Jig


Crime Waves, SVB, Elon Musk Attacks,… - Anarcho-Tyranny Incarnate

Zelensky’s Female Dogs

All for One - One Kills All

Big Tech, Big Bank & Bailouts: Leftists Now Love Big Brother & The Man

Covid, Climate Change - And The Globalists'™ Theft

Totally Healthy Economy

Consistency - Thy Name Is Taylor Swift

Alternate US Covid Travel Plans

Fed Rate Hikes: Full Scope of DC's Assault on Little Guy Borrowing

Biden Self-Solving

China's 25-Year-Low GDP Target Offers Opportunity for US Restoration

We Lost

True Wuhan

The Wrath of Khan: FTC Chair Loathes Our System - Impeach Her

I Have an Either-Or Solution to IP Theft

Quid Pro Joe

What, Me Govern?

Biden's FCC Is One Senate Vote Away from Being as Crazy as Biden's FTC

Occupy Hogan

Add Corruption, Crazy - and Stir

The FTC Is Hyperactive - And Attempting Time Travel

Isn’t It…?

DC's One-Sided, In-the-Tank 'Think Tank' Discussions

The Net Has WAY Outgrown Net Neutrality

Aunt Madonna - from Outer Space

Project Veritas' Pfizer Video Also Reveals the Pervasiveness of 'Regulatory Capture'

Speaker McCarthy Makes His Swamp-iest Move Thus Far


Left’s Information Dominance. And a DC Question No One Asks - But Everyone Should

Big Gov's 'Misinformation' - Lies - Also in the Service of Big Banks

CA GOP’s China Sell-Out: McCarthy Must Clean Up His and DC's IP Theft Messes

A GOP House Is Not a Green Light for a Hyper-Active Biden Bureaucracy

Dem Impersonation: Fifteen Speaker Votes? DC: Where Bad Ideas Never, Ever Die

Weak Men - Hard Times


Man Bites Dog: The EU Is Better Than US on the Border Carbon Tax

Inventing and Innovating Aren't So Easy, Eh Apple?