Sitemap - 2017 - The Latest from Seton Motley

Trump’s Hugely Successful Trade Approach - Should Be Applied to Farm Commodities

Net Neutrality is Dead - Is the Internet Still Here?

Piecemeal Obamacare Repeal: Up Next, Please - the Medical Device Tax

When 'Deregulation' - Is Actually More Government and a Constitutional Violation

Gorsuch-ed Supreme Court May End Feds’ Anti-Constitution Patent-Destroying Board

Net Neutrality: The Left is Always Wrong - So Stop Listening to Them

Yes, the Government Has to Get a Warrant for Digital ‘Papers’

Trump Trade: DC Needs to Do Just About Everything Differently

Net Neutrality: The Media Lies - Then Polls on the Results of Their Lies

Elon Musk: The Welfare King’s Latest Failures - and Government Cronyism Cover Ups

Righting Another Obama Wrong: Re-Protecting Intellectual Property

President Trump’s War - On Government’s War on America

Net Neutrality: The Big Power Grab Lie the Left-Media Is Telling You

There Already Is Massive Media Consolidation: Ideological

Coalition Letter: We Need Free Trade - From Everyone Trading, Not Just US

PTAB: DCs Latest Unaccountable, Power Grabbing Government Board

Carried Interest: Let’s Preserve at Least Some of the Pro-Growth in the Tax Plan

Government ‘Business’ Endeavors Are Always Awful

Because Congress Has Accomplished So Much: A Mixed Martial Arts Hearing

Uber-Left Amazon Set to Get Uber-Cronyism - From Republicans

It’s Time to End the Swamp's Bad Government Contracting

There Are Some Things the Federal Government is Actually Supposed to Do

Yet Another Reason Government Shouldn’t Be Involved in Energy

Steyer-Money Environmentalists Confuse Vancouvers

Credit Due: To Congress and the President for De-Litigating Financial Contracts

Senator Toomey on Steel - Was Trump Before Trump. Why Not for Other Industries?

Obama’s Anti-American, Anti-IP Global Avalanche Is Finally Opposed…Elsewhere

Yet Another Local Battle in the Media-Left’s War on Oil

Of COURSE Regulations Stifle Private Sector Investment

We Need to Undo Obama’s ‘America Last’ State Department Inanity

Why Don’t We Want More Government in the Internet? IDK…China, Maybe?

It Would Be Nice if the Media Checked at Least a Little into its Leftist Sources

Behold the Two Dumb Definitions of the Dumb Phrase ‘Patent Troll’

Net Neutrality is Stupid Policy, Has Never Been Popular - and Needs to Finally Go Away

Penny Wise-Pound Foolish is Bad Government Policy

Those in Subsidized Houses - Shouldn’t Throw Crony Government Accusations

83% Bots: We Told You the Power Grab ‘Comment Period’ is Titanically Stupid

Dear Trump FTC: Please Stop Doing Obama FTC-esque Things

Why Are So Many Republicans So Stupid About Patents?

Obamacare Democrats - Now Promise ‘Affordable’ Government Internet ‘For All’

DC Cronyism, Subsidized Stadiums and Private Planes - and the National Anthem

The Left: The Far and Away Hugest Spenders of ‘Dark Money’

Government Mandating Maximums and Minimums is Almost Always Awful

Intellectual Property Theft - And a Worldwide Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Obama Holdovers Are Making Puerto Rico’s Recovery Much Less Possible

More Broadband Access for Everyone? Get Rid of the Massive Government Taxes and Fees

Less Government in Air Traffic Control, Please

Decades of Bad Global Trade Deals - Have Led to MUCH More Government Everywhere

Bureaucracy Power Grab Comment Periods Are Always Stupid - and Often Corrupt

Institutional Theft: When Stolen Intellectual Property Is Your Business Model

Yes, Stealing Intellectual Property is Stealing

Google’s Long, Sordid History of Rampantly Abusing Its Massive Power

Key Component of Actually Free Trade: Punishing Bad Actors

Back to Tax Reform: The Carried Interest Rate Should Be Kept (or Cut)

Net Neutrality Proven Titanically Stupid - By Net Neutrality’s Proponents

The Latest Climate Lie-ence: The Usual Suspects - Working Up the Usual Fiction

Freedom of Assembly - Completely Free from Government Interference or Imposition

The Media-Silicon Valley Nexus Loves Covering Cronyism - Until It Involves Democrats

The Trump Administration Should Halt the Importation and Sale of Stolen Goods

The Utter Dumbness of the Bureaucracy ‘Comment Period’

John Oliver: Multi-Millionaire, Big Government, Big Business ‘Champion of the Little Guy’

Silicon Valley’s ‘News’ Services: Bad News for Less Government Everywhere

America First - Also Means Acting When Our Businesses Get Screwed Overseas

Apple’s Whiplash-Inducing Hypocrisy on Patents

Revolutionary Vote Security - If Government Will Allow

Google’s Ideological Diversity: Making Colleges and Robert Mueller Look Good

California Cancer: Best to Excise or Contain Bad Government

We Are Finally Moving Towards Actually Free Global Trade

Silicon Valley Robber Barons Are Using Government As a Weapon Against Us

When the Government Sues to Undermine the Constitution

The Big Lebowski: New Bogus Russia Nonsense from Obama Deep State Holdovers

The Anatomy of a Mass Media Fake News Lie

You Know an Idea is REALLY Good - When Government Has to Mandate You Do It

Crony Republicans, Re-Recurring Terrible Ideas - and the WORLD Wide Web

Oh Look - Trump Is Right on Trade

The Left’s Latest Dud: Trying to Recreate the Magic - Almost Never Works

Paging President Trump: Protect US IP - Or Trade Wars Ensue, and Economies Die

Wednesday’s Leftist Whine Fest: If You Pay Them, All Greed is Forgiven

Solar Fannie Mae: Worse Than Subsidizing Fake Energy? Mandating We Buy It

The Media-Left’s Uber-Fringe, Terrorist-Loving July 12 ‘Day of Traction’

GOP Needs to Stop Feeding the Hands That Bite Them

Bottom-Up Cronyism - No Better Than Top-Down Cronyism

Globalism Fail: Not All Governments Are As Nice As Ours

It's Still a Federal Bill - So It Still Nationalizes Tort Law

Fake News vs Real Collusion: Wash Post Concocts the Former, Protects the Latter

‘Carried Interest’: Let’s Not Increase Taxes on Our Economy’s Engine

Senator McCain is a Crony’s Best Friend

Trump and His Commerce Secretary: It Isn’t Free Trade - If They’re Uber-Protectionist

Obama’s IRS 2.0 (or 3.0…4.0?…Or is it...?)

The NY Times and the Guy Hunting the GOP: Latest in a Long History of Fake News

Lots on Congress’ Plate - Nationalizing Tort Reform Shouldn’t Be

Left and Right United Against Cronyism - Save for a Few Wobbly Republicans

The Power to (Over)Tax - Is the Power to Destroy

Worse Than Domestic Obama Cronyism? Exporting It Globally

The Left: Shoveling Much Manure, Desperately Seeking Ponies

Fake Democracy, Real Power Grabs: The Bureaucracy ‘Comment Periods’

Obama Cronies Discover Having Too-Much-Government Apply to Them - Is Awful

Government Cronyism - Looking to Stop the Power of Technology and the Free Market

Free Market Energy Vs The Big Government Cronyism and Subsidies Merry-Go-Round

WKRP in DC: Live Turkeys Fire Bombing the Economy

After the Art of the Deal: Enforcing the Deals You Cut

Open Borders and Free Trade Absolutists Are Doing Serious Damage to Our Country

Another Day, Another DC Crony Lobbying for Continued Protectionism

We Need to Finally Delineate Between Fake ‘Free’ Trade - and Really Stupid Trade

Hey Leftists: Racists Threats and Stalking Homes and Families Is NOT Thoughtful Policy Debate

Will the Weak, Wobbly GOP Ever Show Any Spine - Anywhere? On Anything?

Mexico: Bad Trade Deals Are Even Worse - When Nations Violate Them

Why Is Republican Steve King Trying to Nationalize Tort Law?

Oh Look - Senator ‘Fauxcahontas' Warren Is Lying. Again

Comedians Find Intellectual Property Theft No Joking Matter

The Left: A History of Violence and Racism - Net Neutrality 'Comments' Edition

A Tax Cut - Should Not Include a Stupid, Economy-Debilitating Tax Increase

Walmart Isn’t Conservative - Walmart is a Massive DC Self-Interested Special Interest

Stupid Trade Policy Isn’t the Only Reason We Lose Jobs - But It’s a Big One

Google and Facebook Are Now Driving the 'News' Media Cart

Since They All Have Nukes and Missiles - We Absolutely Should Have Missile Defense

As Always Everywhere, ‘Green Energy’ Is Killing New York’s Economy

Apple: ‘We Won’t Pay You. We’ll Keep Using Your Stuff - But We Won’t Pay You’

Climate Change Liars, Running Out of Global Real Estate, Seek Solace in the Philippines

Net Neutrality: Venezuela for the Internet

Please Save Us from the Government ‘Helping’ Us: Texas Wind ‘Energy’ Edition

George Soros and Google Champion Government Control of the Internet

Reasonable, Rational, Lawful AGs Stage an Intervention for NY’s Radical Schneiderman

The Media: Lemmings on Parade

DC Economics ‘Experts’: Too Much ‘DC’ - Not Enough ‘Economics’

NY’s Over-Reaching, Micro-Managing Governor: From ‘Green Energy’ to…Charity Milk

Uber-Left Google’s Major Move - Flooding the Right with Cash

‘Climate Change’: It Was Better When the Media Didn’t Pretend to Be Impartial

The Border Adjustment Tax: If You’re Right - You Don’t Have to Lie

Things Global Trade Are, Slowly, Moving in a Less Government Direction

Hill Democrats Given Lie-Filled Cheat Sheets for Pre-Planned Townhall ‘Spontaneity’

Stupider Than Government Subsidies? Importing Government Subsidies

The 1994 Republican Revolution’s Lesson for New York Republicans

Trump is About to Shed an Obama Holdover - May It Be the Lead of a Long Train

The Media’s Mass Delusion and Dishonesty

Fighting Liar with Fire: NY Attorney General Schneiderman Gets Successfully Sued

Another Key Component of Good Tax Reform: Don’t Hike the Cap Gains Rate - End It

In Global Trade, We Need Equal Protection from All Governments

The Long Lost Beauty of Equal Protection Before the Law

Sometimes, When Everyone Is Lining Up Against It - You Should Stop Doing It

Intellectual Property: No One Wants to Pay - Everyone Wants to Get Paid

The Don Quixote Clown Show That Is the New York Attorney General’s Office

You’d Never Have Heard of Google and Facebook, Netflix and Uber Without…

Did Obama’s EPA Ignore a Crisis - to Make the Case for Even More Government?

Phil Gramm is Woefully Wrong on the Border Adjustment Tax

The Constitution Protects Us…from Government. And Only from Government

Apple Sues to Get Paid for their Intellectual Property - and to Not Pay for Everyone Else’s

Finally, FINALLY, a Democrat Breaks Lockstep Unity Ranks with the Party

If the Private Sector Does It - Government Shouldn’t

Obama’s Assaults on Trump - Are Assaults on our Governmental System and Nation

We Must Save the Environment - From the Environmentalists

Trump Proposes EPA Budget and Staff Cut: Farmers, Ranchers and Energy Producers Rejoice

The Internet - Is an Amazing 'Less Government' Success Story

Republican Business Tax Reform: Less Government in Businesses’ Wallets – and Yours

NY’s Legislators Rise Up Against Governor Cuomo’s Crony ‘Green Energy’ Boondoggle

It’s Not ‘Free Trade’ - If They’re Stealing Tons of Our Stuff

A Trump Honeymoon? The Left Zeitgeist Says No

NY’s Government Assault on Exxon: Coordinated in Advance with Leftist Groups

The Swamp Strikes Back: Some of Trump’s White House Guests Are Not His Friends

The Solution to Our Looming Farm Crash: Less Government Everywhere

Do We Want the Tax Code to Prioritize Job Exporters - or Job Importers?

Donald Trump Needs to Totally Dump Google

Trump Derangement Syndrome: America’s Coasts, Cities, Colleges and Newsrooms Hardest Hit

The Government First-Last-and-Only Approach Has Failed: In DC, and New York, and….

The ‘Border Adjustment Tax’: Great Tax Reform - That Gets Us Great Trade Reform

Trump is Deregulating - Fast. Congress Needs to Get Up to Speed

A Little Reform - to Allow Much Greater Deregulation Much Faster

Trump Should Stop the Government's Price-Fixing Micro-Management of Music Royalties

Let’s Rollback Bad Government - At All Levels. Because the Emperors Have No Clothes

Mr. President: Please Remove Google’s Anti-IP Mole from Your Administration

Trump’s FCC Transition Team: One of These Things is Not Like the Others…

Dodd-Frank: All of It Is Awful - So All of It Needs to Go

What to Do - and What Not to Do - on Trade Reform

Leftists Refusing to Provide Goods and Services Is Just Fine - Inauguration Edition

Undoing Obama: Who Should Do Which Government Rollbacks?

Fake News: When Leftist Foundations Fund Activism Posing as Journalism

‘Repeal and Replace’: It’s for Much More Than Just Awful Obamacare

Trump Promised to Get Tough on China’s ‘Massive’ Intellectual Property Theft…

The Media Mulls Obama’s ‘Legacy’ - And the Trump Mandate to Undo It

The Elon Musk Myth Looks to Contaminate Texas

The EPA Finally Has Something Legitimate It Could Do – So of Course It’s Not Doing It

Trump Knows, Media Don’t: One-Sided ‘Free Trade’ – Isn’t Free Trade

2017: Trump’s Reality Revolution Won – Now It Must be Implemented