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It Wasn’t Just an Iceberg that Doomed the Titanic

Pattern of Behavior: Did Amazon Steal Its Way to Cloud Computing Prominence?

One Year Later, The Left's Net Neutrality Lies Look Even Dumber

Let’s Not Entirely Cede Cryptocurrencies to Already-Dominant Communist China

When a Government Contract Process Is This Crony Corrupt - You Should Start Over

How Global Organizations Warp the Globe

Pretty Low: Falsely Claiming ‘National Security’ So As to Steal Patented Tech

America First: Trump Must Defend Intellectual Property Here Too

Lame Duck Soup: Sometimes You Have to Watch How the Sausage is Made

Let's Not Over-Regulate Cryptocurrencies into a Chinese Monopoly

How Does One Stop Cronyism? One Crony at a Time

The Right Should Emulate the Lefts Incrementalism

Our Lack of Patent Protection is Destroying America’s Future Economy

Like Forests - Government Needs the Underbrush Removed

Bezos and His Amazon Continue to Royally Rip Off Taxpayers

Here’s Hoping the House’s Democrat Majority Doesn’t Impede Trump’s Trade Winning

The Way to End Our Cold Civil War? Get Back to Less Government

Don’t Let Russia-Funded Environmentalists Tamper with Our Election and Your Vote

Trump’s Roaring Economy Proves: Obama-Democrat Big Government - Doesn’t Work

When Campaign Finance 'Transparency' - Ain't At All Transparent

Yet Another Reason Not to Monopolize Government Data: China Hacks and Spies

The Trump Administration Shouldn’t Help Big Music Rob Songwriters

Brazil and the WTO: It Helps When You Run the Joint

China is Looking to Dominate Infrastructure - in the US

A Brief History of the Left’s Attempts to (Over-)Regulate the Internet

Aha: More Proof of Russia Collusion Election Meddling

Other Huge Contributors to Government Cronyism Waste? Laziness - and Attrition

Government Cronyism Should Be Opposed - Everywhere It Arises

Big Tech’s Lying Legal Two-Step - To Defend Their Censorship of Conservatives

The Obamacare Health Insurance Tax: End it - Don’t Again Extend It

Let’s Aim Sanctions Somewhere Other Than at Our Feet

Leftist Big Tech: ‘Communist China? Heck Yes. The US Military? Heck No.’

One Thing Way Worse than Too Much US Government? Too Much Chinese Government

When the Punishment Doesn’t Fit the Crime - and Isn’t Even a Punishment

Thank God: Another Awful Obama Legacy Item Getting a Trump Makeover

The Anti-Kavanaugh Dumbness - A Pain that Will Be with Us for Quite Some Time

Anti-2nd Amendment, Anti-Energy Bloomberg’s Latest Big Money Assault on Freedom

Would You Jump Out of an Airplane - Without a Backup Parachute?

Great Trump Trade News on the EU, Canada and Mexico: Next Do India

California Is Upside Down, Backwards and Incredibly Incorrect - Yet Again

Apple's Latest Heist: Stealing Qualcomm's IP - and Handing it to Intel

To Steal or Not to Steal - A Tale of Two Opinions

Who Do You Want Setting Up the Next Internet? The United States - or China?

A Company’s Government Cronyism - Should Be Considered in Government Contracting

Even Obama Trade Rep Acknowledges: Trump Is Cleaning Up an OLD Global Trade Mess

Google Execs’ Trump Meltdown Reminds: There’s No Such Thing as ‘Unbiased’

Elon Musk’s Increasingly Bizarre Behavior Makes Him an Even Worse Bet

The Anti-Property Mindset the Internet Has Helped Foster - and Expand

Big Tech Censorship Demonstrates Left’s Titanic Net Neutrality Hypocrisy

Yet Another Leftist Anti-Energy Misdirection: Hiding Behind the Animals

There Is Serious Energy Self-Dealing Going On - At Taxpayers’ Massive Expense

'Negotiating the Best Deal' with Government - Is Almost Always Cronyism, Not Capitalism

Fake Energy Leftist Billionaire Tom Steyer Gets His Man in Florida Governor Race

Trump’s Mexico Trade Deal: Great for Intellectual Property, Awful for IP Miscreants Canada and China

California Fires Demonstrate the Dumbness of Net Neutrality - Not the Need for It

DC Has Teed Up Even More Cronyism for Welfare King Elon Musk

Government Contracting: It’s Tough to Go International - There’s So Much Corruption Overseas

Uber-Crony Amazon - Is About to Get the Biggest Crony Deal in DC’s Awful History

‘Free Trade?’ Other Countries’ Domestic Subsidies - Kill American Companies and Jobs

Congress Reminds Us How Titanically Stupid Bureaucracy ‘Comment Periods’ Are

Pro-Net Neutrality Big Tech - Is with Conservatives as Anti-Neutrality as You Can Get

‘America First’ Must Mean - Never Allowing Other Nations to Take Advantage of Us

DC Again Misidentifies a Problem - For Crony, Self-Serving Reasons

Amazon: Government - And Its Crony, Monopoly Straight-Jacket

Apple Gets to $1 Trillion - Trafficking in Goods They’ve Stolen

The NY Times Is Media’s Apex - And Their Anti-White People Tech Hire Is Wholly Emblematic

Umm…There Is Some Really Good Patent Legislation in Congress

The Tech World Is Still Screwing Conservatives - And It's Beginning to Hurt Their Business

The New EU Trade Deal: No One Likes Tariffs - Which Is Why Trump Imposes Them

NASA: Sometimes a Little Government - Saves Us All a Whole Lot of Government

Rep. Coffman: It’s Always Disappointing When A Republican Falls for Leftist Lies

Amazon Is Having a Real Problem Staying Online and Operational

It’s Time to Roll Back the Attacks against our Nation’s Inventors

The Biggest Impediment to Better Internet? Local Governments

Amazon’s No-Profit Model: Bleed Competitors to Death - Then Do Exactly What They Did

Breaking: Amazon’s Defense Dept Cronyism Comes Under Trump Administration Review

Trade Deals - Like Everything Else - Are Immutably Subject to Human Nature

There Is So Much Wrong with the Left's State-Level Pushes for Net Neutrality

Let's End Welfare Recipient-Fake Energy Wind and Solar - Not Actual Energy Source Coal

On Patents - Like Immigration - It Depends on Who Is Doing the ‘Reforming’

Taxation w/o Representation. Interstate Commerce Usurpation. Murdered Federalism. Internet Sales Tax

As NAFTA Re-Crafting Continues - We Must Keep Something Called ISDS

America First - Must Include Demanding Foreign Govs Unfreeze Americans' Coin

It’ll Be Great to Have the Patent Office Again Issuing Patents - Rather than Killing Them

Open Letter to Congress - On the Attempt to Create a Government Music Royalty Non-Profits

Net Neutrality Lie Reminder: Netflix Fakes Service Slowdowns - and Blames ISPs

Comey and Mueller Should Be Incarcerated - Not Emulated

The Renewable Fuel Standard Was Almost Made Less Dumb - Let’s Make Sure It Is

Our Nation’s Defense Is Too Important to Hire but One Cloud Storage Company

Trump Rightly Demands End to All Trade Tariffs and Subsidies - of Everyone

Today’s Media-Leftist Lie: The Internet ‘As We Know It’…Is Over. Well, It ‘Could’ Be. Maybe

The Solution (to Music Royalty Payments) is Less Government - Not More

Intellectual Property: Everyone Loves Getting Paid for It - Everyone Hates Paying for It

Silicon Valley Moguls: Google Lists ‘Nazism’ as GOP Belief - Doesn’t Pull ISIS Accounts

ZTE: If the Intent is to Stop IP Theft - It’s Good to Not Punish People Who Pay for IP

Government Duplicates When It's Stupid - and Doesn't When It's a National Security Imperative

It Isn’t So Much Fun When the Trade Protectionism Is on the Other Foot

The Obamas' $50 Million Netflix Deal: Cronyism Comes Full Circle

I Dislike Tariffs; I Dislike Intellectual Property Theft Much, Much More

The Left: Experts at Accusing Others of That Which They Do

The Media-Left’s Warped, Hypocritical, Political Definition of ‘Monopoly’

Importing Big Government Is Even Dumber than Domestic Big Government

Dumb Ideas Never Die - Because Democrats Keep Proposing Them

The Trump Administration Shouldn't Emulate the Obama Administration’s Crony Energy Style

NY AG Schneiderman: The Left Loses an Anti-Energy Elected Official; the Awfulness Continues

Rapper Kanye West and Pro Wrestler Kane - We’ll Take Wisdom Wherever It Turns Up

May 9th’s Internet Communism Push: Left’s Net Neutrality ‘Red Alert’ Infests Capitol Hill

Marco Rubio: Perhaps the Least Helpful Republican

Amazon Traffic Hijacked - or Why You Don’t Give Anyone a Monopoly Government Contract

Nothing Says ‘Small Business’ - Like Big Government Handing Big Business Big Crony Policy

Communist China’s Latest Intellectual Property Con: Stealing IP Creation

The Lies the Left Tells Us - and Themselves

Really Bad Precedent: Allowing Governments to Tax Non-Constituents

Amazon: Government Has an Ongoing Problem Issuing Monopoly, Crony Contracts

‘The Forgotten Man’ in DC’s Fake ‘Free Trade’: Millions of Unemployed Americans

Big Tech’s Big Data Means Big Money - and Big Problems for Our Economy

SpaceX: Government Isn’t Much Better at Contracting Out Than at Doing It Themselves

Maryland Governor Hogan Must Veto the Democrats’ Latest Tax Increase

China and South Korea Corruption: The Globalists’ Globe Isn’t a Very Nice Place

Banning Internet ‘Fast Lanes’: The Left’s Latest Crony Assault on the Free Market and Reality

The ‘Russia Collusion!’ Nonsense Employed to Smear a Republican by…Qatar

Cronyism: Having Your Ex-Employees Award Government Contracts…

China’s Half-Century, One-Sided Trade War on the United States

Big Tech - Especially Google - Must Be Thrilled Facebook is Getting All the Attention

While We’re in a Less Government Mood....

Everyone’s Suddenly Upset with Big Tech’s Data Abuses - Because a Non-Leftist Did It

Defense Dept Gives Trump Enemy Bezos Ten-Year, Monopoly Cloud Contract

Silicon Valley’s Anti-Conservatism Is Getting Really Ridiculous

Thank You, Mister President: Trump Saves the Internet of Everything from China

If a Great Many Trees Fall - and They Don’t Have to - DC Will Mandate They Fall Anyway

Trump’s Deregulating and It’s Working - Why Would Congress Reimpose Any of It?

Oh Look - Yet Another Bogus Harvard ‘Study’: Climate Change Edition (Again)

The Real Protectionism: Defending DC’s Crony Globalist Fake ‘Free Trade’

President Trump: The Federal Government Should Spend Zero Dollars on Infrastructure

We Believe the Constitution Applies Exclusively to Americans - and America

National Security: US Needs to Stop Singapore’s Gordon Gekko from Handing the Internet to China

The Left’s Fake Grassroots: The Best Big Money Can Buy

Immigration, Internet,…: The Left’s Warped, Ridiculously Fake Federalism

FERC: A Rare Dud in Trump’s Otherwise Outstanding Cabinet Selections

Intellectual Property: No One Understands Theft Better - Than The People Being Robbed

Silicon Valley: If Something on the Internet Is Free - You’re the Product

Democrats Have Totally Given Up on Legislation and Legislating

Super Bowl: NFL Prohibits Another TV Ad - Blocking for North Korea's Communist Kim Jong-Un

Government and Crony Contractors - You’d Better Shop Around

The Trump Administration Needs to Stop Continuing Obama’s Big Government Policies

Ending DC’s Titanically Stupid Fake ‘Free Trade’ Is the Far More Important Policy Change

Intellectual Property Crisis: U.S. Drops Out of the Top Ten in Innovation Ranking

Oops: Burger King Accidentally Proves How Dumb and Unnecessary Net Neutrality Regs Are

EPA Administrator Pruitt Needs to Stop Needing the Left to Like Him

The Post Office: Doing All the Wrong Things in All the Wrong Ways

The Left’s Latest Copy-and-Paste Fake Grassroots Campaign

College IS for Dummies: Harvard Government-Run-Internet Edition

President Trump Needs to Dump the Obama Holdover Puerto Rico ‘Fiscal Control’ Board

No More Cronyism: Let's Have Government Acknowledge the Paperless 21st Century

We Need to Fully Populate FTC Leadership - to Stop Residual Obama Awfulness

Net Neutrality and Government-Run Internet: The Left’s New Excuse for an Awful Old Idea

Does Amazon’s Bezos - the Richest Man Ever - Need So Much Government Cronyism?

California Climate Freaks Aren’t So Freaky When They Have to Pay for the Freakiness

The World’s Global Trade Slush Funds - This Isn’t Free Trade

Next on Net Neutrality: Democrats Will Campaign on Reimposing Huge Government

EPA Secretary Pruitt: The Eco-Nuts Will Never, Never Like You

Reversing Obama, Trump is Protecting and Thus Promoting Intellectual Property

Net Neutralized - by Government: Iran’s Mullahs Kill the Web