Sitemap - 2022 - The Latest from Seton Motley

Game of Thrones: DC Edition

Supply Chain & Farm Bill: Leftists Sacrifice Reality to Ideology - Conservatives Should Not

Vogue: Strike a Pose, Zelenksys

Net Neutrality Is 'Climate Change' for the Internet

Big Gov, Big Banks and Debt-to-GDP: We Little Guys Are Screwed

We Submitted a Comment With the FDA Opposing the Flavored Cigar Ban

College IS for Dummies: Intellectual Property Edition

My Email Exchange With a Big Tech Company's Censorship Department

What Rulings? Dems Are Yet Again Ignoring the Court and the Constitution

DC Maximum Density: When Conservative, Inc Finally Embraces a Good Idea

SCOTUS' Recent Decisions - Should Also Rein In Government's Patent Abuses

Section 230 and the 2022 Election: Google Blocks 100% of RNC Fundraising Emails

SCOTUS Declares Our Independence from DC's Great Bureaucracy

Payday Lenders: More and More, DC's Leftists Are Siding with Big Business

Communist China Epitomizes Why We Must Tariff - And Why DC Is So Incredibly Awful

Patent-Stealing China and Big Tech Are the Biggest Beneficiaries of DC’s Patent 'Reform'

Frankenstein's Monsters: DC Created Big Tech. We Hope We Know How This Ends

GAO on 'Infrastructure': Spend $1.2 Trillion First – Make a Spending Plan Never

Trump-Russia Times a Million: Innocent - Until Publicized Guilty

DC is Ukraine - Just Another Money Laundering Operation for Globalists

Chips: iMonster Apple Sells Out Our National Security to Communist China's Military

Biden and His Democrats’ Solar Sell-Out to Communist China

The Latest Fraud: The Newest, Leftist Net Neutrality 'Poll'

Biden Administration to 'Transform' US Food System - 'Fundamentally' We Imagine

Davos Reminds: Other Countries Aren't Committing Economic Suicide for Climate Change

When Apple's Request Is Even Too Stupid for the Biden Administration

Why Is Big Gov Spending So Much on Broadband? Because Big Tech Spends Nothing

The Democrats' Recession Is Yet Again Proving Price Caps Are Stupid

Net Neutrality vs Network Slicing: The Left Looks to Murder 5G in the Crib

Biden Mirrors Trump Trade: DC Made 'Protectionism' a Bad Word - It Is Not

Dave Chappelle Explains Why Stealing Jokes Ain't Funny

The European Union Tries Net Neutrality - Discovers It Is Exceedingly Stupid

Let's Make Sure the Next Farm Bill Is 'America First'

Trump Trade Rep Lighthizer and Manchin: Support Grows for a Border Carbon Tax

IP Super Thief Google 'Asks' Biden-Congress for 'Systemic Change' of Patent System

Interest Rate Hikes: Gov Making Loans MUCH Harder to Get - Poorest Hardest Hit

Sinema and Manchin: Democrats Are So Awful - They've Made 'Bipartisan' Great Again

We Really Need to Stop Letting Third World California Set National Policy

Globalists' Response Is Always FAR Worse Than the Problems to Which Globalists Respond

The Biggest Online Counterfeit Problem Isn't Theft ON Amazon - It's Theft BY Amazon

If It Helps America, Biden and His Democrats Won't Do It

Food Shortages and Skyrocketing Prices? Biden Upping Payments to Ban Farmland

Musk and Twitter: ADL CEO Again (Inadvertently?) Says Section 230 Shouldn't Exist

Immigration, Awful Trade Deals, Spending and Inflation: DC Keeps Making the Wealth Gap Wider

Our Thoughtless Globalism Has Proven to Be an Unmitigated Disaster

Some Lonely Judges Note Government Has Royally Screwed Up Our Patent System

McMorris Rodgers Has the Right Idea on Big Tech - and Section 230

Russia-Ukraine Is Irrelevant to US - but a Great Excuse for DC to Stop Doing Anything Relevant

One Hand at Politico Doesn't Know What the Other Hand Is Writing

Global Chip Supply Chain Gets Even More Broken - As Does DC’s 'Remedy'

Big Yuan: Big Gov and Big Biz's Titanic Russia-China Hypocrisy

Much Easier to Maintain a Domestic Industry - Than to Try to Rebuild One

Omnibus: The Avalanches of DC Money Are All Problems - No Solutions

DC Destroys the Economy - Then Bans Loans for Poor People

When Even Professional Golf Sells US Out to Communist China

We're Comparatively the Planet's Cleanest Country - Why the Bipartisan Push to Tax Our Carbon?

Big Tech YouTube Asks Big Gov to Erase the Censorship Line

Biden's SOTU: Where He Yet Again Tells Us to Shut The Heck Up (STHU)

Awful Biden Nominees: Prepping for DC's Next Rounds of Cronyism

Foreign and Domestic: The Sheeple Remain Steadfastly Impervious to Reality

Lockdowns: Big Banks' Further Market Consolidation - Further Aided by Big Government

Border Carbon Tax: DC Can Do Better - When It Chooses to Do So

Big Tech IP Theft: We Get a Second Bite at Larcenous Apple. Such As It Is

Big Gov's Sell-Out, Crony Legislative Theater: 'Let's Pretend We're Outraged'

5G and China: The Private Sector Needs More Licensed Spectrum, Please

Big Business' Rip-Off of Musicians Has Gone Big Government Crony

The Anti-Science Absurdity of the US's Unilateral Carbon Dioxide Disarmament

Net Neutrality? Big Tech Is Much Bigger Than ISPs - So Big Gov Sides With Big Tech

Revolving Door: Big Gov and Big Biz Are Terminally Entwined

Let's Not Shoot at Russians - Let's Tariff Their Petroleum (and Everything Else)

Those Who Don't Know History Are Doomed to Look Exceedingly Unintelligent

Intel's $20 Billion US Semiconductor Factory: A Good First of MANY Necessary Steps

Big Media NBC 'News' Yet Again Doing PR Work for Big Banks and Big Government

Democrats' Wasted Year: Sinema and Manchin Aren't Moving on Filibuster or BBB

DC Wants to Further Expand Its Abuse of Veterans Beyond the Veterans Administration

'Build Back Better?' The 'Infrastructure' Bill Was More 'Climate Change' Than Infrastructure

China's New 115-Point Plan to Ramp Up Its Heist of US IP Creation

Conservatives Pretending Big Tech Isn't Anti-Conservative Are An Embarrassment

Big Government's Dishonest, Anti-Science Blockade of 5G Wireless