Sitemap - 2019 - The Latest from Seton Motley

Oh Look: Much Fake Research in Many Fake Studies - All Funded by Just One Couple

Google’s Massive ‘Open Source’ Heist: The Punishment Must Fit the Crimes

Hey Big Tech: More Conservative Free Speech - Less Sales of Counterfeit and Illicit Drugs

USMCA and Communist China: Fair Trade Should Finally Be the New Norm

Why Does Congress Always Choose the Worst Available Option?

Net Neutrality Repeal - Plus Two Years: The Leftists Were Dead Wrong Yet Again

‘Deep State’ - Ain’t a Mid-Size, Midwest University

We Should Sell to - But Not Buy From - Communist China

A Terrible Surprise Bill from Congress - For Christmas. Ho Ho No

To Save the Nation, We Must First Acknowledge Government Is Terrible at Everything

The Left’s Policies Are Awful - So They Shakedown Banks to Get Them Imposed

Hot Java: Google Yet Again Caught Stealing Other Peoples’ Stuff

How Come Only Leftists Can Spend - and Accept – (Much Bigger) Political Money?

Private Sector Internet: Delivering Greatness - Of Which Government Can’t Even Conceive

Department of Labor Lawsuit: Yet Another Obama Holdover Swamp Needs Draining

Kamala Harris Goes Full Communist China on Prescription Drugs

Leftist Cities Sue Trump Administration - to Demand Ability to Tax Us Even More

When Trade Cheats Go Really Big - As In Amazon Rainforest Big

Britain’s Labour Party Says They'll Have Government Seize Private Broadband Networks

This Ridiculous ‘Impeachment’ ‘Inquiry’: DCs Swamp Creatures Won’t Go Away Quietly

Rubio-Cornyn, China and IP: The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentioned Legislation

Big Tech Data Monsters Seek Data Collection Cronyism from Government

Dear Tom Rogan: Sure Mobile Slave Houses and Brothels Are Technically ‘Free Market,’ But….

Importing Government Subsidies: The Worst of Fake ‘Free Trade’

Dog Memes, Fake News, Political Ads and Big Tech: Who Watches the Watchers?

The Bidens - And DC Swamp Contracting: Trump Drains - And the Swamp Strikes Back

'The Departed' and Communist China: We Must Stop Feeding IP to the Hand That Bites Us

Not All Lobbyists Are Created Equal - Or Are Equally Bad

Missile Defense Now - Beats Missile Defense in a Decade…Maybe

How Did Big Tech Get So Big? Massive Government Cronyism - Like Section 230

Vice President Pence Must Save Us from Elon Musk Syndrome

Big Crony Amazon Has Dumped $1.5 Million Into Seattle City Council Races

The NBA, China, the Bidens and Free Speech: The Ultimate Intellectual Property

The Private Sector Is Yet Again Rushing to Save Us from Government

Worse Than Bad Legislation? Lobbyists Writing Multiple Bad Executive Power Grabs

The NBA, South Park and Communist China: The Very High Price of Fake ‘Free Trade’

Trump Is Correct on Net Neutrality Court Win - But That Wasn’t the Whole Ruling

Amazon Is So Huge - It Dictates Terms to Almost Everyone on Almost Everything

Only Savages Don’t Value Creation (And Thieves Are Savages)

Almost All ‘Research’ ‘Studies’ - Forcefully Draw Liquids Through Straws

Yet Another Nuisance Bureaucracy You've Never Heard Of - Power Grabbing Like Crazy

It’s Time to Upgrade Our Aircraft Carriers. Communist China Is

5G Wireless Makes Government Broadband Even Dumber and More Dishonest Policy

What Next for the Federal Reserve? 'Printing' Cryptocurrency?

The Lies DC Tells - To Steal and Undermine Patents

How Very Big Tech-DC: Jeffrey Epstein’s Meeting with Elon Musk and Big Tech’s Elite

5G Wireless Makes Net Neutrality Even Dumber Policy

Obamacare-Backing Big Insurance - Looking to Again Expand Government Medicine

India Reminds: What DC Has Long Pretended Is ‘Free Trade’ - Is Not Free Trade

When You’re Worth $906 Billion - You Can Buy a LOT of Government

Dave Chappelle and Big Tech Rotten Tomatoes: Everyone Is Biased About Everything

Why Are We Allowing Communist China to Sell Subway (Spy) Trains to American Cities?

Perpetually Ungrateful Kuwait - Continues to Screw Our Company and Its Executive

Amazon's Once Hard-Wired $10 Billion Crony Pentagon Deal - Keeps Fraying

Leftist Judge’s ChiComm #1 Witness in Awful IP Theft Ruling - Is a Massive IP Thief

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren - Has a Lot of Really Terrible Ideas

When Deregulation - Actually Makes Things Worse

WSJ Op-Ed Gets Social Conservatives (and Trump Supporters) Way Wrong - Yet Again

Apple Loathes Intellectual Property - Unless, Of Course, It’s Theirs

‘America Is Awful’: The Left Wants More Government - Because It’s What’s Worst for US

Monopoly: 'One Size Fits All' - Fits Hardly Anyone At All

International Trade - Is Rife with Omni-Directional Anti-Free Trade Practices

The Left Is Either Confused - Or Projecting. Or Both. Ok - It’s Probably Both

Amazon: Cronyism Delayed Is Good - Cronyism Denied Is Better

Intellectual Property: Constitutional, and Crucial to Economic and National Security

Net Neutrality Proponent Google - Accidentally Admits Net Neutrality Is Unnecessary

Getting to Actual Free Trade Ain’t Easy - But It’s Necessary

The Natural Art of the Government Shakedown

Trump, Fox News Decry Amazon’s Looming $10 Billion Defense Department Cronyism

Another Obama-Undoing Great Idea: Plug the Obama-Era Holes In Our Patent Protections

America Last: Peter Thiel Is Right About Google and China - As Were We Last October

Why Do Republicans #Persist in Adding Government to Health Care?

Republicans Are Right: Defense Department Must Delay Amazon’s Massive Cronyism

Thanks to the Trump FCC for Limiting Local Government Shakedowns

Localities Shouldn’t Be Dictating (Inter-)National Policy

Qatar Using Italy to Abuse US: Government Money Warps Everything Everywhere

A 'Drain the Swamp' Test: Will the Trump Admin Reward Amazon's Killer Cronyism?

We Are Surrounded by Intellectual Property - Until We Aren’t

Medicare Is $38 Trillion Short - And Other Reasons Government Shouldn't Run Anything

Fake Free Trade: More Government There - Means Economic Destruction Here

Let Us Finally Declare Internet Independence from Net Neutrality Overreach

Big Government and Big Tech Are Partnering to Track Us Everywhere

We Shouldn’t Be Doing Business with Communist China

Why Are Some Republicans Looking to Add More Government to Health Care?

Senator ‘Grim Reaper’ McConnell - Is Receiving Legislative Corpses from Pelosi

Without Massive Doses of Cronyism - Amazon Doesn’t Do So Well

Leftist Big Tech’s Censorship of Conservatives Grows Increasingly Blatant

One Year Post-Net Neutrality Repeal: The Global State of the Emerging 5G Internet

Big Tech: The Bigger They Are - The Huger They Fail

The Egregious Damage One Activist Judge Can Do

The Totalitarian Left Will Not Let Anyone But the Totalitarian Left Govern

Judicial Activism: It's Way Past Time to Impeach Fake Judges

Ok, Again: This Is How Foreign Government Subsidies Are Awful for the US

The Deep State Is Imposing Many Impediments to 5G Wireless - and China Loves It

Big Tech Amazon: Additional Government Screening Is Definitely in Order

Apple Appears to Have Gone Full-On, Stealing-and-Lying, Communist China Native

Government Schools: Intentionally, We Don't Understand Math or English

The China Test: If You Think the Status Quo Is ‘Free Trade’ - You Don’t Know Free Trade

DC Democrats Won't Let Anything Be Anything But Partisan Anymore

Oh Look - Even More Amazon-Defense Department Cronyism

When Two Companies Control 90% of the Market - It’s Not a Free Market

Hey Government: Stop Looking for New Ways to Tax Us - Instead Cut Spending

Texas Governor Abbott Must Save Us All from Texas Republican Cronyism

Apple Halts Use of Qualcomm Tech in iPhones - Has Biggest Drop Ever in iPhone Sales

'In Bad Faith': Big Tech’s Growing Conservative Censorship

Energy: More Anti-Federalism, State-Level Leftist Impediments to National Progress

I’m Not a Globalist - But We Absolutely Should Protect Americans Abroad

Manufacturing is Back - Now We Need a Food Manufacturing Restoration

Good News for America and Americans - Is Gaslight-Requiring Bad News for Leftists

Trump's Justice Department: Texas' Attempted Cronyism Is a Terrible Idea

Apple Finally Admits They’ve Been Stealing Billions of Dollars from Qualcomm for Years

The Eternal Stupidity: ‘Let’s Have Government Do It’

The US Respects Religious Holidays - Parts of the World Don’t Reciprocate

Texas' Excuses for Cronyism Are Just as Lame As Everyone Else's

US Farmers Are Food Manufacturers - and We Need Policies that Keep Them Here

Happy Tax Day. Don’t Forget: Democrats Are Currently Trying to Tax the Internet

America First: Get US Business Executives Out of Ridiculous Foreign Charges

Handing the Future to Communist China - One Awful Policy at a Time

Moderate District Dems Must Save Us from More Hyper-Partisan Legislation Theater

Like California Before, Texas Is Bleeding to Democrat Blue

Hard No: Beto O’Rourke and Karl Rove Both Want Government Internet

I Love the Military - But Not All Military Spending Is Lovable

President Trump Must Defend US Companies Against Anti-US International Policies

Fake News - Begets Fake Polls

Cronyism: Why Are Republicans in Texas Sponsoring a Bill to Block Competition?

Government Tuber-Crony Amazon’s Very Many Victims - Are FINALLY Pushing Back

True Free Traders Unite: ‘The Trump of the Tropics’ Is Here to Talk Trade

The Death of Bipartisanship: For the Democrat-Left, Too Much Government Is Never Enough

An Obama Judge Could Singlehandedly Kill US Intellectual Property and National Security

DC Wastes WAY Too Much Time on Bills Everyone Knows Can Not Become Law

Democrats and the Deep State Are Always Investigating the Wrong People and Things

Government Is Decades Behind on Even Rudimentary Technology

Elon Musk Throws a Tantrum Because One Government Contract Didn’t Go to Him

Trump MUST Stop His FTC and an Obama Judge from Handing 5G Wireless Internet to China

If You Liked the Green New Deal - You’ll Love The Internet New Deal

Amazon’s Titanic Government Cronyism Is Finally Receiving Some Pushback

Trump Challenges Yet Another International Trade Scam: ‘Developing Nation’ Status

More Internet and Access? We Need More Spectrum and Less Government

Many Libertarian Ayn Rand Fans - Are Forgetting Rand Loathed Libertarians

When Big Government Advocates Accidentally Admit Being Non-Essential

Let's Make Trump's Zero-Zero-Zero No Government Trade Policy Universal

Bad Ideas Never Die - Government Makes Them Policy Over and Over Again

Our Globalist Nation Building - Results in Our Having Awful, Corrupt Bedfellows

Amazon’s Massive Government Contractor Cronyism Receives New Huge Scrutiny

Why Are the Trump Admin and Congressional Rs Still Pushing Awful Obama Admin Policy?

70% - 'Fair Share?!?' Government Needs to Get Back Into the Equal Protection Business

End the Shutdown, Democrats: Allow Trump to Fully Continue to Improve Our Trade Deals

Amazon’s Ubiquitous Web Domination Makes Giving Them the Military’s Data Highly Problematic

US Farmers Continue to Like President Trump - ‘The Smart People’ Hardest Hit

Your Online Data? Government Should Lightly Regulate Everyone Equally

A Shutdown That Actually Affects Everyone: Blocking Oil Production and Distribution

The US Should Ban Spying China From Selling Us Commuter Trains - Especially in DC

Our Periodic Reminder of the Titanic Hypocrisy of Intellectual Property Thieves

We Need More Less Government Types Working with Donald Trump

Let’s Not Let One Billionaire Crony Decide What Fifty States Do About Online Gambling

How Crony Corrupt is Amazon? The Right and Left Are Both Nauseated By It

Let's Continue to Ignore the Perpetually Wrong 'Smart People' on Trade

Want Cheaper, Better Internet? Limit the Local Government Shakedowns of Internet Providers